Interview - ALX

Interview – ALX

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Today, we bring you a new interview to our Zona Djs. An interview we have done to Alex Sanchez, more commonly known as ALX, an artist that is Space Miami resident since 2013 and knows a lot about electronic music scene.

Then you can read the interview. But before that, don’t forget to follow ALX:

Firstly, we would like to begin as we usually do: learning a little more about your first steps in electronic music.

Even before music, I’ve always been interested in technology–I even studied computers and networking in school. One day, after a house party, a friend of mine left behind his DJ equipment setup, so curiosity got the best of me and I started messing around. Before I knew it, I started mixing tracks and it just snowballed from there. I spun at occasional house parties; as my sound developed, I moved to smaller clubs, producing music, then larger clubs and gigs. Before that, I had never thought of working in the music industry. I always pictured myself working in either technology or sports (another passion of mine).

You’ve been a Space Miami resident since 2013. What has the residence meant to your career? How has it influenced your production and sets in the past two years?

It is truly an honor to be playing at such a historic and well known club almost every Saturday. The crowd is always amazing because they get there with one thing in mind and that is to dance all night and through the morning. Space has been a strong influence on my sets and my production. Being able to play there, as well as listen to so many great artists has given me strong creative inspiration!

Surely, you have seen many artists in the club which you have shared the DJ booth with. Which ones have been the most exciting and memorable to play alongside?

I have had the pleasure of playing with so many talented artist. Two of my most memorable moments would have to be the morning I played after Maceo Plex and most recently, when I opened for Nicole Moudaber.

How has the electronic music scene in Miami changed in recent years? Where do you think it is going?

Miami has completely changed over the last couple years.  It used to be all about the EDM scene and the big EDM artist. Now, Miami is all about the underground scene with multiple parties every day of the week and it only seems to be growing more. Sometimes, it feels like there’s almost too many parties going on in Miami! It’s crazy.

You have your own label: Descend. When and why did you decide to found it? What are your plans for the label?

Starting a label has always been a major goal for me, and I feel very strongly about it. Running your own label is a totally different animal than DJing; it has made me realize even more how much happens behind the scenes. I’ve really had to dig even deeper into the intricacies of tracks, artists, and their styles.  My plans are to launch the label later this summer. I am just getting everything ready to go, to make sure that when the label does launch, it makes an immediate impact with solid music and solid artists. I will be also be bringing the first Descend party to Space on July 11th with a good friend of mine Layton Giordani as a special guest, so very much looking forward to that!

Descend Rcords
Descend Records

Last May, you released “Dark Zone EP” through Clock Recordings. 2 tracks full of strong techno sounds. How would you define them?

I wanted to make 2 tracks that were a bit darker than my previous releases, but which still had a nice hook involved. I was inspired knowing I had to take it up another level with all the great tracks that have been released on that label!

As a producer, what are your plans for 2015?

As far as production, I’m really looking forward to my new EP on Transmit with a remix by Jewel Kid, as well as an EP on Shinshy with an Oscar L remix and also an EP on my label Descend.

Bit by bit, artists and music are evolving, and your music may be influenced by new sounds. How have your releases changed since you started to work in the studio? Where would you like to get as a producer? 

From my first production to my latest work, I feel as if I’ve done a complete 180.  I have grown and learned so much the last couple years that I now feel as if my production is starting to come together.  I would like to become known as one of the top producers and I know that will only occur by continuing to learn, and working hard.

This summer, we can find you in Space Miami and Ibiza. Where are you going to be performing? Any other dates in Spain? 🙂  

Recently, I performed at the 4th of July party “Independance» at Nikki Beach with a great lineup of talented artists and friends.  I am also working on a New York date, as well as some other dates through Europe. Nothing else has been confirmed in Spain — but hopefully something will come up soon 🙂

To carry on with the dynamic of the rest of the interviews that we conduct at Xfadering, we would like to hear any curious or funny stories that have occurred to you, as your life as an artist. Please share!

Space is known around the world for running around the clock. Some of my best and craziest memories are definitely from there.  If I had to cut it down to one, I would say the after party to my wedding when we got a big group to all go to Space while Loco Dice was playing. A lot of our friends were still in suits and dresses partying late into the morning—- a couple of them even into the early afternoon.


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