Interview - Dario Rossi

Interview – Dario Rossi

"Entrevistas, Zona DJs", por: - 2 noviembre, 2015


Today, we bring you a very special interview. We were able to make some questions to Dario Rossi, street drummer, musician, composer… a versatile artist who creates electronic music with pots, buckets, chains, pipes and much more.

Surely, many people know your street-drummer side, which you have been showing since many years; but maybe they don’t know you started to study music with 10 years, specifically percussion. Tell us a bit about your beginnings in music.

Exactly! I started studying percussion in 1998, at the age of 10, and then I began playing in the local marching band in 1999. In the meanwhile I was also aproaching drums, and then I had my very first experience in a rock band in 2001.

I became a drummer because when I was a child I couldn’t live without playing rhythms and listening to the music. I loved to listen to my parent’s tapes, featuring many electronic new wave & synth-pop tracks from the 80’s.

I liked the keyboards and the drum machines, and I was always trying to emulate them playing on different surfaces or objects.

At present, what is your relationship with music? Is your work?

My relationship with music is still «open», but of course it’s also a real job now! 😉

This year, you have decided to make a tour around Europe to perform and bring your passions to many cities and also festivals. What led you to take this decision? How is the experience?

I started travelling because I wanted to expose myself to new people and new situations in differents countries. It’s something that is now bearing fruit, and I’m very happy about that!

It’s a way that is surely giving me a lot of feelings, and I hope I can continue doing this as far as I can.

When you perform in the Street, do you want to convey something to the people that are lisening to you, do you play the drums for pleasure or do you play it like part of your work?

When I perform in the street I’m in my own world and I’m very concentrated, so I communicate to people mainly through my body. Everytime I play is like going to the gym!

It’s like talking all the people in front of me and bringing them in my dimension of sounds. Of course I play music for pleasure, but now it’s a real job for me.

What do you use like instruments? Are they always the same? Do you buy any of them or are all recycled?

I use a lot of pots, buckets, chains, pipes, and other stuff. I added an old pair of bongos, and some broken cymbals from the real drum set. The only one thing I have bought are the bongos!

You have been in Barcelona during Sonar Week. How was it? What have you though about Spain’s audience?

It was an amazing week in Barcelona! people were really warm, and everybody appreciated my way of playing!

Where can we see you in the next months? When are you going to come back to Spain?

All my events will be available very soon on my official page «Dario Rossi Drummer»!

I’m probably going back to Spain for a gig the night of halloween, and also for playing at Razzmatazz in december.

One of the things that attract our attention is that the music you play in the street sounds like techno. Did you look for that sounds or did you find it by chance? What are the connecion between electronic music and you?

My style is a mixture of techno, new wave, and industrial sounds. I’m very influenced by electronic music, so I made a very precise choice of all the instruments that I use. I found it in my uncle’s garage, and even some of my friends brought to me some of them.

Have you ever though to produce an electronic music album in the studio? What would you like to do in the future?

I would like to start my own label and to produce quality tracks in a good studio, also using my sounds. I’m working right now to release an ep and It’s going to be ready next year, hopefully within summer 2016.

To finish the interview, we would like to know a funny or curious story that has occured to you like artista. You should have plenty of them!

I do have a lot of funny stories. For example I remember of a little kid dancing while I was playing in Piazza del Popolo in Rome, and at a certain point he came in front of me and he started kicking all my buckets 😀

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