Interview - DBN

Interview – DBN

"Entrevistas, Zona DJs", por: - 17 noviembre, 2015


This week we have the pleasure to present you our newest interview to the djs/producer trio DBN. On it, we’ve talked about their first steps on electronic music, the big amount of meanings that ‘DBN’ have, to a new documental that they’ve made with the german TV, going throught their new tour and the second DBN & Kontor Records compilation. Really intense.

Disponible en español aquí.

For the fans that don’t know DBN – How did you meet each other? When did you decide to join forces and push your careers as a trio?

We met for the first time back in 2004 at a studio in Hamburg! It was a legendary night with lots of drinks, fun and of course music. From that memorable night onwards we decided to start this project called ‘DBN’.

Are you guys going to tell us what ‘DBN’ actually means? We’ve been trying out different combinations…

Hahaha well, there are lots of meanings. Of course there was a special meaning at the beginning but we decided to change the meaning every time someone asks for it! So, here you go with our current top 3: ‘Dumb But Nice’, ‘Drunk Before Noon’ or ‘Dead By Night’

So, please choose your favourite one or even better – add your own version!

One of the things we like most about an artist is when they experiment with genres and you guys are some of the very best at doing this. What do you do in the studio to keep your sound fresh but at the same time ensure it has your own trademark sound?

Thanks! To experiment with genres is what it’s all about for us. We’re always trying to keep our production process in line with our current mood. Most importantly, we all listen to a lot of different styles of music to keep up to date at all times.

To be honest, we’re not doing anything in particular to maintain a trademark ‘DBN’ sound as we’ve never even decided to have one. Maybe it’s the fact we don’t care about genres but just love music! From our last two releases, ‘Asteroid7’ on John Dahlbäck’s Mutants Records and our newest track ‘Mosquito’ on Laidback Luke’s Ones To Watch Records I think you can see from the differences between these two tracks that we don’t restrict ourselves to a particular genre.

A few days ago, you shared your second compilation through the legendary label Kontor Records. How did the opportunity come about the first time? What do you expect from the second edition?

We have known the Kontor Records team for a few years now because they are also Hamburg based and we´ve worked together on various projects in the past. So, last year Kontor Records, our management and ourselves discussed doing a DBN compilation combined with a club tour around Germany, Austria & Switzerland. Luckily the 2014/2015 Night Safari tour was a success, so it was natural to do a follow up release ready for the 2015/2016 season! It´s really nice to work with such a professional team and we are hoping it will be similar to last season’s so we are keeping our fingers crossed 😉

On October 31st you started your latest tour; in which you will be touring Europe but unfortunately not through Spain. How is the tour going and when can we see you here?

We are really hoping to play as soon as possible in Spain as we’ve heard lots of very good things about Spanish clubs, parties & people! In 2015 we’ve been nearly booked out but it´s definitely about time we came to Spain in 2016 so we will try to make it happen.

We’ve seen on your social networks that you are preparing a documentary for German TV, together with Channel RTL 2. What can you tell us about this project?

This project was (and still is) really cool – so for over 2 and a half weeks RTL 2 joined us for nearly every minute of every day – In the studio, at different shows, on the road, at the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), at meetings with our management/label/booking agent, at home, at private dinners with friends and so on! The documentary is about what DJs / Producers have to do in between playing shows and sitting in the studio.

So as our Night Safari 2 tour has now started, RTL 2 were with us for 2 and a half weeks prior to the kick-off event on the 31st of October to show the audience just how many different things we have to handle before the shows start. So it was a really funny but busy time for us because we aren´t used to being filmed the whole time although after a few days it became quite ‘normal’ for us! We´re really curious about the end result. The broadcast will air near the end of December so it’s a good way to end the year!


When you are not doing music, what other things do you do? What hobbies do DBN have?

We love to cook so we cook fresh food nearly every day, which has now become a rather haute cuisine 😉 It began a few years ago with really easy food such as different types of pasta but nowadays it can take up to 2-3 hours a day, but it´s definitely worth it. We also try to go to the gym, play squash regularly and of course try to see our friends which is a hard task when you´re on the road nearly every weekend.

Talking about the music you listen to… What kind of music do you usually take with you on the road, besides electronic music?

We take lots of different music but we really like the funky, groovy stuff of the 70s & 80s. We are big fans of all the stuff by Quincy Jones, Earth, Wind & Fire, Delegation, Luther Vandross and also interested in rock tunes by the likes of Muse or Foo Fighters. Generally we´re pretty open-minded regarding nearly every musical genre and love going to concerts, parties, festivals or showcases!

Now, we’re going to ask you some short questions about your own favourites. No explanation required, just the name:

DJ: Laidback Luke

Producer: Axwell

Track: Prodigy – Out of Space

Label: Mixmash Records

Club: Too many to mention but Pacha (Ibiza) and Escape (Amsterdam) are two of our all time favourites!

Festival: Tomorrowland, Nature One and Parookaville

To finish the interview, we would like to know if you could tell us a funny story that has happened to you during your DJ career.

Oh, there are a lot of funny stories! Some years ago we had a booking in Lyon (France) and 5 minutes before our set there was a power blackout. As they couldn’t fix the problem within a few minutes, the club owner decided to move to a small bar (Probably without asking the bar owner). So we took 2 CD players and went by foot through the streets of Lyon closely followed by some guests of the night and played a very special 3-hour set for a crowd of about 30 people!


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