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Interview – HIIO

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Today we bring you and amazing interview with two of the most talented djs and producers of South America. We’re talking about Argentina’s Nico Hamuy and Colombia’s Ortzy, better known as HIIO.

We had a really good talk about their origins, some of their releases, about Spain, and few more things. Check it out, hope you enjoy our very first interview in english. You can also take a look to the chart they did for us here. The interview is also available in spanish right here.

To start with good feet, first we would like to know about what got you guys started in electronic music. On an individual level, How did you find yourselves in this world and this specific genre?

Nico: For me, I was hanging out at the club with a very good friend who DJ’d every weekend. I would go and see him play, and eventually he taught me. When he finally ended his residency, I took over his place. That’s how it all started for me.
Ortzy: I was at an event – and I just couldn’t believe how the DJ had so much control over the crowd of 5,000+ people. I thought to myself “ I want to do this!”

Now let’s talk about the band. Several years of success are behind you, and it’s easy to tell there’s good chemistry when you work together, but… What makes an argentino and a colombiano to end up joining as a duo?

We met through a mutual friend over in Cali, Colombia and decided to work on collaboration – “Something About You” with Terri B! After working together on this project, we decided to form HIIO – and that’s how it all began!

Let’s talk about releases. Your track “Good Enough” came out about two months ago, featuring Lucas Blanco, at Musical Freedom, the label owned by one of the biggest names in the scene, Tiësto. What does this mean for you guys?

This was a really big track for us, with massive support from industry leaders. Good Enough hit #3 on Beatport’s Top 100 Electro chart, which was so amazing to see. Lucas Blanco is a very good friend of ours, and we’re happy to share the success of Good Enough with him.

We cannot help but to bring up your featuring with Spanish musician Abel Ramos “Let Me See You”, that made it to the third spot in Beatport’s ranking, plus a remarkable support. Did you expect this reaction? and also… How did this feat happen?

Abel Ramos is someone we’ve wanted to collaborate with now for a while. His sound and energy in his productions leave such a lasting impression on the dance floor. We of course wanted the track to do well on the charts, but we were VERY excited to see it hit #3.

What did you like the most about Spain?

The beaches of Ibiza are so beautiful. We especially really love Formentera!

100k facebook like, international success with your tracks, going places like Tomorrowland… These are a few of your most recent acomplishments. Which are your goals for this new year 2015 on live shows and production wise?

We have some new releases coming out soon, and are spending lots of time in the studio right now working hard on some originals. There’s also a few new collaborations in the works, which we’re excited to announce soon. We’d love to do an Asia tour as well. We’d like to get to know that part of the world.


Will Spain be on your tour plans for this year? 

Yes, most likely. We usually make a visit to Ibiza every year. The island of magic!

As you know, seems like deep house and all this underground genres are taking some fame back from other genres that took momentum from them that are more “mainstream,” What do you think about this? Are you planning on releasing some alike material?

We do love the deep house and underground genres, but it’s not what the HIIO brand is all about. We won’t be releasing anything under that sound now or in the future. Luciano is one of our favorites at the moment.

To end this and to keep the spirit of all our interviews, we would like to know if you could tell us some funny or curious thing that you can remember about your Dj career.

One of the funniest is… We arrived to play in a new club, and it was our first time there. When we arrived to the club, we went to the DJ booth, and we saw a DJ playing with his computer and a weird type of controllers. We didn’t see our tech rider anywhere (We usually have 1 mixer and 4 CDJs) we asked the promoter where we are going to play, and he said “HERE.” And we said “Oh! There’s no equipment!?” He said to us “No guys, here every DJ comes with their rider! Haha so we looked at each other with Ortzy and we started laughing hysterically, and he was looking at us like we were crazy! Of course we didn’t play and we went home.

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