Interview - Lydmor & Bon Homme (Track by Track - Seven Dreams Of Fire)

Interview – Lydmor & Bon Homme (Track by Track – Seven Dreams Of Fire)

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Today, we show you inside of our Djs Area, the new stuff of Lydmor & Bon Homme by way of Trac by Track. An album called «Seven Dreams Of Fire». This is our second interview in Track by Track mode, being Make The Girl Dance the first (Español, English).

«Seven Dreams Of Fire», LP of the Danish that is aviable through Hfn Music since 6th Novembre, is a musical journey through very different sounds, but always keeping the essence of the duo. Get it here.

Track by Track – Seven Dreams Of Fire

1. Things We Do For Love

A song where we really dive into the man-woman angle in our band. It’s about judicious maturity vs. young lust. Deep, manly crooning vs seductive siren singing.

It was a song, which came slow at start. It’s been both an acoustic ballad and a high wired disco tune, before it suddenly one afternoon fell into place in this slow-house version.

2. Trooper

«Trooper» is a song about looking back on former lovers, where especially one comes to mind. A thought on how different the world would have been, if you had made another decision back then.

The little fantasies that arise, when falling asleep or being very drunk.

3. Dream Of Fire

One of the songs that wrote itself in a very short time out of a 10 second voice memo from a late night in a hotel lobby in Split, Croatia. All the basic elements in the track are recorded within 20 minutes, and from there it was just a matter of refining. The song in many ways sets the basic theme of the whole album. We’ve tried to create something that is energetic and raw, as much as it’s tender and sexy.

The song is a call to escape the humdrum of every day life and just cut loose. It’s no groundbreaking concept, but all bands need to have this sort of song, and we feel that we’ve nailed this mood right on the head. If only all songs would come this easily….

4. Go Fingers Go

There’s no avoiding that this song is a bit sultry. It’s a beautiful ballad with slightly deconstructed, titillating lyrics. Maybe someone blushed, when we wrote it.

5. Flash

Flash is very much a narrative. The song has twisted and turned in our hands for a long time, until it founds its current form. I have a feeling that it’s in fact not created by us, but just came to be in the cables of Tomas’ studio, and that there, somewhere in the world, is a woman chasing a man desperately in a dark forest after a car accident.

6. Wired 

Wired is somewhat of an action movie. Or a film noir. The song’s verse is a strange hybrid between our two voices, which are construed beyond recognition. In the chorus the words jump from vocal chord to vocal chord, so that we interchangeably both sing parts of the sentences. You could almost say that we are fused together in periods of this track.

7. Vanity

Vanity is inspired by a girl – a mysterious, almost unreal cartoon character. Her beauty was divine, and she was very difficult to figure out. She spent several hours a day lying in bed smoking cigarettes and frequenting the weirdest places of the Internet. When she finally would come out of her cave, she was sort of a celebrative thunderstorm of smiles, laughs and flirting. A truly unique character.

8. Trampoline

The song is written in a period of time, where Jenny was dealing a lot with the fact that she would die someday, and it felt as if time were passing by faster and faster. All of a sudden two years had gone without she even noticing it, whereas once upon a time one single summer could last forever.

It’s a dark disco production wrapped around vocals almost screaming out with fear. Luckily there’s a comforting outcry from Tomas further into the song.

9. Tear Us Apart Again

A song about a friendship gone wrong. And more generally speaking also about the challenges of becoming an adult, and the seriousness and gravity hereof – which can feel sort of like a prison compared to times of play and dreaming, growing up. About the difference between, how you thought it was going to be, and how it actually came to be.

The music started as a Bruce Springsteen-inspired rock anthem, but slowly more and more became infected with electronica.

10. Rain

A shy, brief snapshot from a train ride in Austria.

We both travel a lot to play shows, and probably both share the complicity of the silent loneliness, which comes with being a traveller. You often become a wondering beholder, which just sits in the plain, train, cab or tour bus, while the world unfolds right in front of you. Rain is an attempt to catch this sort of feeling in a short interlude.

11. Missed Out On Disco

A song about discovering music. About rediscovering it again and again. We all remember a series of moments, where we listen to some music for the first time, and your world just explodes. More specifically here a summer afternoon home alone with new music and white wine in the garden. A shameless pop song written to brighten the day for the one listening in.

12. Dream Of Fire Part 2

An abstract painting about regret and shame, and about forgiving one self. We’re both pretty excited about songs that comfort us. Songs about being fucked up, doing dumb stuff and finally forgiving one self and each other in one crazy night ride.

13. End

Some songs have an extremely long and twisted way to their final form. The chords in this song come from a capsized chorus to another song from the album ”Flash”. The chorus made the song clumsy and uneven, so it had to go. But the chords and the sentiment kept rummaging in the back of my head, so it became this small outro. I’m also pretty fond of themes and sounds repeating themselves in songs throughout the whole record. It adds cohesiveness, and is for example often used in classical music.

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