Interview - Oliver Huntemann

Interview – Oliver Huntemann

"Entrevistas, Zona DJs", por: - 18 mayo, 2015


Today we have a very special guest for this interview. If you like techno, You’d know that Oliver Huntemann was one of the very first producers of the genre in the north of Europe, specifically from Hamburg.

Hunteman tell us about new colaborations with Dubfire, his first steps in the music world, and also about some future gigs in Spain: June the 7th in Pachá-Ibiza with Solomun. Also 2 events on the Sónar week: Senso Sounds’ Showcase, on 17 June, and a Terraza party at Diagonal Zero Barcelona on 20 june.

The interview is also available in spanish right here.

First of all, we would like to know a little bit more about you. You are one of the artists with more baggage in the electronic scene, so… we would like a few more things about what got you started in music, the artists that inspired you…

I‘ve started with Electro, because I used to be a breakdancer back in the 80s. We were dancing to all this Electro-Funk stuff from Afrika Bambataa, Hashim and Newcleus. Then I watched the movie Wild Style and was infected by the DJ thing immediateley. After throwing some partys I met producer Gerret Frerichs and he invited me in his Studio. We soon founded a project called Humate. So one thing came to the other.

Last year, you founded a new imprint, Senso Sounds, that follow the path of another of your labels, Ideal Audio. ¿Why did you decided to make this new label? Is Ideal Audio leaving behind?

I simply felt the need to begin something new. While Ideal was managed by me from Hamburg and administrated by Jan from Bremen, I felt on a certain point that I‘d like to have everything in my hands. That’s the reason why I founded Senso Sounds. We have people working only for Senso Sounds in the office and all side works such as graphics, distribution and so on are based in Hamburg too. This is really a benefit to make every release special and unique. I always dreamed about having a team only working on my vision and that happens now. It doesn‘t differ sound wise that much. It‘s not a label that I founded because I thought: «Oh, ok, Techno is cool, but I‘d like to have a House label as well, to cover all genres!». It‘s a consequent follow up of what I‘ve been doing in the last years and of what I wanna do in the future.

We can’t help but bring up ‘Elements’, and your collabs with Dubfire, ‘Dios’, ’Fuego’, ’Tierra’, ’Aire’ y ‘Agua’. How did this feat, and what did you pretend with it? We would see other collaborations in the future?

Dubfire wrote me back then on Myspace, said that he likes my music and asked, if we should do a collaboration. I liked Dubfire’s music and person much and said yes. We did not think too much about what we do or want. We just wanted to work together, tried it and it worked out. It was all about the flow and we found many similarities and enthusiasm in our work, not only production wise. We had the concepts, before we started the productions and even here, they came naturally to our minds. It‘s something that everyone can understand without a big explanation. All we did was easy, not pushed pressed or forced. There was a pretty clear guideline of doing 4 singles combining 4 Elements. Fuego, Terra, Aire and Aqua. Aqua was the last in the row and we‘re working already on a new concept.

In addition of creating your new label, you also brought to birth Kontrast, your very own management agency, based in Hamburg. How do you combine being a Dj and a producer and keep being the boss of your labels and management agency?

I guess time-management and the right team is the key to successes here.

Right now, you have published 4 studio albums, with the last one being released in 2011. Do you have in mind making another one in a near future? And if not… what are your plans on the producing side this 2015?

I have just finished a new single and also another track with Dubfire. In addition I did a remix for Rammstein singer Lindemann. I already have some ideas for a new album and Í guess I will start working on the first material after summer.

And as a Dj… what do you have prepared for this year? Where will we see you in Spain?

There are some nice gigs in Spain during summertime. I play in Ibiza for my buddy Solomun at Pacha and few weeks later at the H.O.S.H. Boat Party. During Sonar week in Barcelona I’m hosting the Senso Sounds night at Upload on Wednesday 17th with dubspeeka, André Winter and Florian Gasperini. In addition I invited Karotte, Gregor Tresher and Jens Bond to the Terraza of Hotel SB Diagonal Zero Barcelona to join me on June 20th for an intimate open air party.

To follow the path of all our interviews, we would like to have an anecdote or any funny story as a dj/producer.

Well, not sure if the story is so funny or not. But after my Gig in Kiev/ Ukraine, we drove back with the promoter to the hotel. There was a police control, my tourmanager was joking with the promoter and said: «Now you gonna lose your driving license». The promoter replied, i don’t have any. Silence in the car. «What do you mean, with you don’t have a driving license?» Yeah, that’s normal here in the Ukraine replied the promoter, we just buy them, as all of us can drive since childhood. My father taught me how to drive, when i was 12. I’m able to get a car apart in together within a day, why shall i go to driving school? We did not asked further and took a cab back to the airport on the next day, hopefully the cabdriver had a license and even if not, things seems to run different in Ukraine!

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