Interview - The C.I.P.

Interview – The C.I.P.

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Today we bring you and amazing interview with The C.I.P., a duo formed by italians Michele Scheveger and Simone Cavalli. With their debut album’s release just around the corner, which has won several awards, and their chillwave and electropop sounds, also of the 80s and 90s , The C.I.P. have become artists to consider this 2015.

We had a really good talk about their origins, their album ‘Daydream’, about Spain, and few more things. The interview is also available in spanish right here.

First of all, both our readers and us would like to know something about your beginnings in the music as individual artists, your musical tastes, influences…

Well, we both started off really young at the age of 14/15, playing in different bands in  random garages.. we didn’t know each others at that time but we both started out with playing electric guitar and as the years went by we started to use synths and keyboards.

But it was a long process, we were both influenced by punk / post punk and electro pop being born in the late 80’s . I started singing professionally at the age of 17 and at that time I was playing in an alternative rock band, we recorded our first album which had a cool response in Japan. Simone was playing in local clubs and was mainly playing keyboards and bass occasionally… at the age of 20 we started to share the same garage where we used to play in different bands, we were both pretty tired of the same dynamics behind a “4-5 people band”, we soon realized that it had always been really hard to keep a balance and a stability with so many elements in a band and so many conflicts, everyone seemed to be constantly drifting in different directions… so that how we clicked instantly, we both liked electronic music by the age of 20 and we were pretty sure that a duo-band would have worked better than any other band we’ve ever started.

We started producing our first demos, and  we started to get deeply influenced by some big European name like Apparat / Moderat / Modelselektor / Paul Kalkbrenner, loving the scene in Berlin!

Then we started to find a strong connection with 90’s beats,  80’s synths and we bought our first akai! It was a dream, and we were completely stoked about how many things we could create with such a “small toy”! and the sound was precise, clear and cool… we were into Depache Mode, The Cure and then we started to discover bands like The Toxic Avanger and Kavinsky … that changed our way to write music!

After learning a bit about each one, let’s talk about The C.I.P. How the idea of creating the band popped up? Tell us a little about it.

We’ve always dreamed of creating a band which is  cool and everlasting, we’ve always been really really hungry, we wanted the best and still want it no matter how hard we have to work… it’s not a matter of pride, it’s more a matter of passion and energy you put into music… I remember the first time I played, at the school prom in a basketball court in front of 200 guys,  that made me feel alive and I said to me that was what I had to do for the rest of my life! Or at least I should have tryed that till the end!

Simone has the same idea, a band especially a duo is more like a couple of friends having a beer, you have fun, travel, party, work till late but you’re always connected.

The C.I.P. 2

Even Though you grew up in Italy, now you are living between Australia (Sidney) and Europe (Dublin). Why did you leave Italy? What is the reason behind choosing these cities?

Personally I left Italy because I believe it’s good to see other realities ( noy only musically speaking) and Australia is simply amazing, Sydney in particular.

Same as Dublin or London, it’s really hard for a young band to be based in a precise place in the world cause things are constantly evolving, but one thing for sure is that we like to see the world and be influenced as much as possible .

‘Daydream’, your first album, will be released March 5th. 10 tracks that take you into the 80s and the 90s. Tell us more about this project and what it means to you.

We’re really happy about ‘Daydream’, it’s our first step and definitely an album full of  surprises. We tried to mix our love for 80’s and 90’s, a bit of chillwave and pop electro.

The pre production process was really long cause we had lots of ideas, it was really hard to select the best tracks.. we still believe we have some potential hit in our pockets for our next album, we’ll see =)

As I said ‘Daydream’ is a first step, we’re stoked to spread it to the entire world in march and we feel pretty excited!

Both of you, Michele Scheveger and Simone Cavalli, have composed all the tracks, and Antonio Filipelli has helped you with the producing and mixing stuff. How was the composing and recording of ‘Daydream’?

The recording of ‘Daydream’ happened in Rome with our manager Antonio Filippelli. It was great fun cause we both have a good sense of humor and we get along really well, we always make fun of us and mock us around. Another thing that helped us while recording for 4 months was definitely the food!! Omg the food is super yummy in Rome and during our days off we were wondering around in the city confusing ourselves with tourists on vacation ahah

But it was good, we worked day and night no stop but we were constantly stoked on how things sounded!

We can’t ignore the ‘We’ll Set The World On Fire’ official video. It has reached more than 60.000 views, in addition of the 35.000 extra views in other YouTube channel. What have you wanted to convey with the video? What do they mean to you all the views you are having?

We’re really impressed ! we’re both pretty humble guys so we’ll never tell you something like “ o yeah we expected that to be like that etc ahah”, it’s quite the opposite! We’re surprised and happy about that and we can’t wait to shoot a new videoclip now to see what will be the reaction!

With this video we wanted to introduce ourselves, there are many elements in the video that convey a sense of joy but decadence at the same time, 3 beautiful “desperate housewives” with no where to go in a big luxury house; it’s a bit of a dreamy paradise, which I connect with where I used to live in Sydney, the houses were beautiful and the girls crazy gorgeous but you got a sense of alienation sometimes and you could feel the “wild youth” , being rich and reckless, not caring about the world.

Despite the official release will take place March 5th worlwide, the album was released earlier in 2014’s summer in Italy due to the support from the italian versions of Rolling Stone and MTV magazines. What did it mean to you? Did you expected such good reception?

When we got to know from our manager that Mtv and Rolling Stone were interested we were really stoked; it’s always been such an iconic dream being on Mtv as we basically grew up watching it, even if now things have changed a bit and it’s not entirely dedicated to music anymore, we still think it’s  really cool an one of the last tv channels that are still able to push an emerging band from zero!

So yeah we’re definitely happy about that! The video was quite light as you know, and it was summer when it was released so I think that kinda gave us an extra push .

After this release, are you planning to come back to the studio to produce some new stuff?

Yes, I came back from Sydney Australia 2 days ago, we’ll be staying in Europe for a while concentrating on playing around and producing new material even if we have to go on with our first album and shoot a new videoclip for our second single.

But obviously we have new ideas and we’ll start recording stuff that we’ll be able to release in the future, it’s always like that, you record in advance cause you know it’s gonna take ages before things will be ready to come out at perfection!

Regarding your performances. What plans do you have in mind? Will Spain be on your plans?

We really hope so! We’d love to come visit you guys and we’ll probably come to Barcelona! We’ll let you know and we’ll keep you up to date!

We’ll paly in Rome and Milan in March for now!

To end this up in a good way, and to keep the spirit of all our interviews, Any funny/weird story that happened to you playing live?

Well we tend to be really paranoid when setting the live sometimes ahah cause we have thousand things to think about and we’re always afraid to forget something… but other than this, once we played at a big house party and everyone was wasted and a random guy spilled a couple of beers on our instruments omg that was pretty nasty and at the same party there was a fight because a guy found his girlfriend making out with this random guy aahah…and all this happened while we were playing!  that was a crazy night!!

The C.I.P.

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