Interview - Tom Swoon

Interview – Tom Swoon

"Entrevistas, Zona DJs", por: - 27 noviembre, 2015


Today we have a new interview, from the Dj/producer Tom Swoon. He has been making his mark in the electronic dance scene for over 3 years by now. This year he has entered the Dj Mag Top 100 at Number 46 for the very first time in 2015, after a string of huge releases and remixes.

Tom Swoon talked with us about Progressive House, The Dj Mag top 100 and ADE. Definitely worth the read.

Puedes leer la entrevista en español aquí.

The progressive house have been your favourite style since we know you, and just in a few tracks we’ve seen you changing your stile drastically. There will be any radical change or by the moment you are going to maintain that style?

I don’t see it as ‘changing my style radically’, but I’m being influenced by new styles and directions in my music.  I think it’s important to keep evolving as an artist.

Few days ago you posted  a photo  on Instagram showing your comeback to running. What other hobbies Tom Swoon have when it’s not playing or producing music?

I still love to play videogames & I also like video editing!! Unfortunately between the touring and studio session, there is’nt always enough time to practise my hobbies..but I do my best to keep up with everything!

This year you’ve been ranked 46 at the Dj Mag Top 100 dj list. It will be a big push on your career? What are your thoughts on the list?

Yes the response has been incredible so far. Immediately after the announcement, my twitter exploded. I’m so thankful to read all these positive messages. The list shows that the people love what I do, so I believe it’s a very important indication.

Until now, as far as we know, your fans here could see you once in Spain. You’ll come back in 2016?

I am preparing myself for a big worldwide tour and I really hope that Spain will be on the list! The Spanish crowd is one of the most vibrant in the world & (I also love Paella)

Tom Swoon started gaining recognition in part because  of his bootlegs and unofficial remixes. What was your first official remix, and how it came into your hands?

My first official remix was a remix for Gareth Emery’s “Tokyo” on Garuda Records. I did an unofficial bootleg for his previous single “Mansion” which he liked very much and he reached out if I could remix his new track. I was very excited about this and this is how it all started. In the meantime NERVO had reached out to me to also ask for an official remix of their new track. I couldn’t believe what was happening!

The last October 18 the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) finished its 2015 edition, and you were there. What can you tell us about your experience this year?

It was the first time playing at ADE for me. Since last years I was always touring in the USA during ADE. It was a very nice experience since most of the DJs are in Amsterdam for that week so it was great to catch up with friends, also I had an amazing time playing with my buddy Fedde Le Grand at his showcase where we presented  our new track together.

Your latest single, “Stay Together”, a collab with Nari & Milani, was released recently on Ultra Music. It is still progressive house, yes, but with a slight change. What do you expect from the track? How it was working with the Italians?

It was a pleasure working with them, the track is a fusion of groove and progressive house I would say. The support has been incredible so far. Tiësto, W&W, Thomas Gold and many more have already picked up the record and I personally also love playing it in my sets!

Now we’re  going to  ask you some  short  questions  about  your own favorites:

Dj: Vigel

Producer: Porter Robinson

Track: Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I remember

Label: Sony

Club: The Box at Ministry of Sound

Festival: This is really hard question! Just for Europe, I would say Tomorrowland, Creamfields and Sunrise Festival in my home country Poland.

As we did on all our interviews,  we would love to hear any funny/weird story that happened to you playing live.

Usually  I don’t really get myself into crazy stuff at all – I’m a good boy, you know! 😀 Although, there was that one time when during my set, when i raised my head up from the mixer just to see a bra flying straight towards my face! Never met the original owner, but I appreciate the gesture.


Don’t Forget to follow Tom Swoon at his Facebook page and Twitter.

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