Interview - UNER

Interview – UNER

"Entrevistas, Zona DJs", por: - 7 diciembre, 2015


UNER  starts earning the rewards of an excellent career that has allowed him to found his own label.

This month and due to his impending performance at WAN Festival, we had the pleasure of interviewing him and ask him how does he feel about the actual techno world and the position he has reached as one of the best known Spanish artists in the world.

You can read the interview in Spanish here.

Since your first release in 2009 with Diynamic to now, so much stuff should have happened, good stuff looking at UNER’s career, but where did UNER really arose?

UNER’s origins came a few months before my first release with Diynamic. Not my origins as a producer, I’ve been producing for years, but this UNER concept was motivated by a little «accident». It was the last try, I felt like the Spanish scene was at a dead point, and I was tired.

Thanks God everything was fine, and here we are.

Best 2012 Producer at Vicious Awards, Newcomer of the year at Ibiza’s 2013 DJ Awards, three more Vicious Awards , and also a fantastic 2014. How do you see the Spanish scene from your position? Where would you place the «national» product comparing it with Europe and the rest of the world?

We are still babies if we compare ourselves with scenes like the British or German one, but we are getting better and better. We could not forget the economic crisis here in Spain which has beaten hard artists and promoters and has just made hardest the fight. But thanks to the strength and the faith of the people and artists we are getting better.

I don’t mean better artist than the old ones, I mean that we are working better, we have more artists with different styles and we are getting out, to the international scene. Also we have to consider that people wants electronic music and it’s not anymore only the underground scene.

We can feel proud about what we are fighting for 🙂

Cadenza, Cocoon, Visionquest are some of the labels you have worked with. “432” was your first studio album with Diynamic and you recently released “Return & Rebirth”. How will the end of this year go? And the forthcoming 2016? Does UNER have any surprise for 2016?

Well I’m really excited about 2016. We will keep the continuous tour, as far as I could. I have to say that I will rest a bit more than what I have rested this year, which was nothing, LOL.

We already have a very hot agenda and also a really interesting studio calendar for this year.

We will keep pushing our new label «Solar Distance», which is a project that needs lots of energy and we are giving our best. We are working with a live band, so I can asure that the new album will be huge. 🙂

Less than 15 days ago, you presented your new project Solar Distance with a brand new EP. Why did you chose this EP? Which focus will you give to your new label? Will it be the reference point for the upcoming generations of Spanish producers?

I was really excited about starting a label like this one, mostly for producing music which is usually harder to edit; to back less known artists, who are sometimes hidden genius and, of course, to make our own family, not just for making money but to produce the kind of music which really shows our feelings. We just want to enjoy the music production.

As I said, the best way to launch the label was a 4 tracks EP which we can divide in two parts, one with the «classic» UNER we  all know; and another one with a more personal and emotional UNER.

That’s the way we wanted to present «Solar Distance»: a platform for producing music, with no tags!

We know you use to go often to the American continent. What do you think about the music scene in South America? Is it true that the North American festivals and parties are winning positions against the European ones?

The truth is that we are allways wellcome in the American continent. In both South and North America. They are very different places and there are also lots of differences between the East and the West in North America. It’s an incredible territory which is growing so fast and there’s a lot of people willing to discover and enjoy new kinds of music.

As I said before I don’t like to compare but what I can tell you for sure is that the power you feel there is awesome.

Lots o clubs are promoting the electronic music with really good answers from the public.

What we can say is that there are incredible festivals like the «Burning Man» that won’t be possible to perform here in Europe, because of the logistics and because of the licenses. And it is an special experience that I think everyone should enjoy at least once in a lifetime.

This year is about to expire and you have performances in countries like Indonesia (28/11), India (18/12), Germany (25/12), Morocco (29/12) and finally WAN Festival for the New Year in Madrid. How do you endure the «airport life»? It’s worth the sacrifice and work to see the people around the world enjoying your music?

When I talk to people about this, the fatigue, the non-sleep hours, the crazy stomach because of the different meals… I always say the same: «I kick the first fader and everything is gone, the energy starts to flow». 😀

It’s worth it, to see happy people even when you are sad, and that helps a lot. We do love our job and there is a moment when you don’t care, it’s the same to fly 1 hour than 20, because we are doing what we love and that’s priceless.

Keeping on with WAN Festival… you can see yourself surrounded by «big bosses» like Richie Hawtin, Luciano and Loco Dice. Which feelings will you find in the public with your set? Do you expect a full place?

I expect a full place filled with the amazing public we always find in Madrid. It’s always a location where I feel really comfortable surrounded by my people. 🙂

I also use to meet here some of my friends!!

As always I’m going to be full of UNER. 😀 My style, my sound and my set. Of course it also depends on the timeline but my people know what they are going to listen and also that there will be some surprises!! 😀

I’m really excited!

Monegros, Sonar Festival, Ants (Ushuaia) and Carl Cox The Revolution (Space) are some of the events you have performed for. What do you like about the Spanish festivals? Do you think that the investment in this kind of events will grow now on?

Everybody know that Spanish people love to party and rave in a festival. So imagine how does it feel for the artist on the controls. It’s awesome!! That’s why I love to perform in my country.

And as you say, we can find better and more festivals, with bigger lineups, more artists and better production; all for the attendance. We are a country with really good vibes and willing to develop, and everybody can feel it day by day.

On the other hand, we would like to know your opinion about the news item saying that people under-18 could assist to events in which there are alcoholic drinks. How do you think it will affect to the events and festivals promoters?

There are lots of countries in which people even under-21 cannot assist to this kind of events and another ones where they stop selling alcohol from 2am even if you are 40; so I don’t really think it will affect too much to the promoters, it always ends settling down without problems.

I remember that a few years ago there were some stories of the SGAE agents going by the cabins, and they are still artists. It’s all about adaptation and we are smart enough to know how to do things.

I will persue the «professionals» who work without declaring a single perfomrance, while others pay thousands of taxes, or clubs who have uninsured workers. Those are the things we may have to worry about. And we have to worry about them because everything is summed up in one sentence: the PROFESSIONALIZATION of the sector.

And the last one. We finish with the traditional question from Xfadering’s interviews. Which is the most awkward experience you have had all along your career al around the world?

LOL, I could tell you thousands of awkward experiences, but if I have to choose one is clearly the «Burning Man». An awesome week and a life-experience, it has changed lots of things inside me and it came in the right moment, I really needed it. Something to repeat and in a moment I won’t forget in my life.

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